Connecting the World to Cryptos With Blockchain

Bitcoin has been growing in popularity over the time. The biggest problem new adopters have is how or what to use when buying Bitcoin for the first time. is an online platform that specializes in Bitcoin transactions. The platform gives you the option to create different crypo wallets, store your favourite currency including Bitcoin and much more. at a Glance

Since its founding back in 2011, has strived to be the most reliable crypto trading platform in the world. This desire has seein it grow its portfolio to over $200B and an impressive portfolio of 42 million wallets.

Currently, the platform is available in 140 countries. Its members can use it to trade and store Etherium, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, USD Pax and Stellar Lumens. The main goal of is to simplify the overall cryptocurrency purchase, storage and selling process.

Other than giving you the basic wallet services, the platform also gives an up to date record of market trends so that you know what your crypto is worth at each time.

An Easy to Use Platform With all the Tools You Need

Trading Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, is fast paced. You need to make your decisions based on real time online trends, keep your investments safe from hackers and make a sale at the opportune moment.

The well designed website makes it intuitive to handle all this. You won’t need complex tutorials to figure out the entire process of have to combine multiple solutions to safeguard your interests. The site has SSL encryption so you can be sure that anything you do on it is fully encrypted and safe from petty hackers.


Other than the SSL, the platform is set to operate as a hybrid wallet. It also includes an Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HD Wallet) to secure your transactions. This setting ensures that not even the company can access your private keys for transaction encryptions. Should you forget the keys, you get a 12 word recovery key that can help you restore your funds and access your funds again.

Trade on the Go Using Mobile Apps

If you are always on the go, you will find the mobile apps on Google and App Store. While you can still access the website via your mobile phone’s browser, the app is more optimized and ergonomic.

Check out today. It is a great starting point for beginners and a useful tool to veteran crypto adopters.

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