Playing in a Bitcoin casino: benefits, tips and tricks

Bitcoin at the casino has been a reality since 2013. With the propensity that cryptocurrencies were taking, it naturally came to pass. In terms of benefits, playing in a Bitcoin casino has many advantages. If it is now possible to use this virtual currency at the casino, certain rules must be respected, to count by the distinction between pure Bitcoin casinos and those which accept, in addition to conventional means of payment, virtual currency.

Why gamble in a Bitcoin casino?

If Bitcoin casinos are so successful, it is precisely because the list of advantages attached to this game mode is long.

Securing and discretion of transactions

In principle, Bitcoin is specially designed for discreet and secure use. Which, in the context of online casino, is very timely, since all transactions, whether wagering or withdrawing winnings, are done virtually. You do not provide any personal information.

Low transaction costs

To transfer Bitcoin to your account in a Bitcoin casino, you generally pay less than 1% of the amount transferred. Which makes a Bitcoin casino a definite choice compared to conventional casinos.

Best alternative to online wallets

As Bitcoin is a virtual currency independent of conventional financial systems, it can be used anywhere without space or time limits, as is the case with online wallets. With Bitcoin casinos, you are not limited in your game by your geographic location and could have access to more publishers with a single registration.

Pure Bitcoin casinos vs Casinos that accept Bitcoin

If a Bitcoin casino is by definition a casino that accepts Bitcoin as currency, not all Bitcoin casinos operate in the same way. There are pure Bitcoin casinos on the one hand, and casinos that only accept cryptocurrency on the other.

Pure Bitcoin casinos

These are the ones that are exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin. Not only is cryptocurrency used as a transaction method to replenish your account, but in addition, it can be used for BTC tokens. Due to the immediacy of Bitcoin availability, the payouts are immediately available. All payments are made in mBTC or thousandths of Bitcoin without the need to provide personal details. You continue to enjoy the same level of security and privacy as other Bitcoin transactions.

To register on these sites too, only an email address and password are required. Rare casinos offer a security system with Google Authenticator with 2 factors or 2FA for maximum security.

Casinos that accept Bitcoin

Conversely, casinos that are not pure Bitcoin accept cryptocurrency in the same way as other types of conventional currencies. For most of them, Bitcoin is just a simple means of deposit.
In addition, they do not allow withdrawal of Bitcoin winnings, all payments being made through traditional means such as bank transfer. To do this, you must provide a lot of information about your identity, your bank accounts and other contact details.

For all these reasons, these casinos cannot have Bitcoin casino status.

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