A New Generation Space To Manage Your Bitcoins

CryptoPay is a company that provides a crypto currency bank accessible to all Internet users, both professionals and beginners. Its particularity is that it offers new generation services allowing you to manage Bitcoins without any hassle. It allows its users to convert BTC into USD, EUR or GPB. In addition, it offers the possibility to send bitcoins to friends, to withdraw them from ATMs, and to buy in any store with your cards.

Created since 2013, CryptoPay is accessible on PC and downloadable on mobile via Google Play for Android Smartphone and AppStore for iPhone with iOS. The apps have amazing compatibility and easy to follow outlay. The user interface is well integrated to improve user experience. But there is a catch: the site is only in English! This is a major limitation for Cryptopay services.

Simple Interface and Secure wallet

The interface is easy to use because it is well sequenced and you can easily find yourself within the platform. Furthermore, this crypto currency bank easily connects its users to the world of transactions by offering them a secure wallet. Using the C.Pay card for example, we link bitcoin to traditional finance.

A huge advantage is that CryptoPay offers the invoicing of every transaction at a much reduced fee. Indeed, the exchange rate is billed at only 1%. No hidden fees or unfair costs will be subtracted during your transactions. In addition, an instant chat is available and an agent of the company is available to help you and guide you in your transactions.

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