Enjoy an Unrivalled Adrenaline Rush Everyday with the Monte Cryptos Treasure Hunt

Enjoy an Unrivalled Adrenaline Rush Everyday with the Monte Cryptos Treasure Hunt

Players can enjoy the 1st season of Monte Cryptos most rewarding and exclusive Treasure Hunt competition. Starting from Monday and ending with Sunday, you can enjoy your favourite slot games and land unrivalled wins.

If you're up for the daily challenge, Monte Cryptos is the place to be! Start your week with the Monday Race, take an adventure on one of Tuesday's three Count missions, enjoy a Lucky MidWeek, or dare more on Thursday's Race. Champions gather on Friday for the Champions Race and the Winners Tournament on Saturday. Sunday is meant for relaxation and a chill-out time! Enjoy a perfect week and land rewarding prizes with the 1st season of Monte Cryptos treasure hunt.

In Details

Play your preferred slots like never before by opting into the 1st season of Monte Cryptos treasure hunt. Prove to the online gaming world what skills you have and help the Count find all the hidden chests. You'll unlock unbeatable prizes and rewards!

On Monday, the race begins. Begin your week with a boost of energy and win 20 Spins and 50 times your bet within the least number of spins to land the prize of the day. Win within a max of 40 spins and receive 100 Free Spins. Win within 55 spins and receive 50 Free Spins. Win within a max of 80 spins and receive 20 Free Spins.

On Tuesday, should you accept the challenge, you must get 150 Free Spins via a specific number of spins and bet multipliers. Your first mission is to win 33 spins and 10 times your bet for 20 Free Spins. Your second mission is to win 75 Free Spins and 30x your bet to receive 50 Free Spins. Your 3rd mission is to win 140 spins and 100 times your bet to receive 150 Free Spins.

On Wednesday, you'll enjoy the Lucky MidWeek adventures. Three missions are available including 20, 50, and 100 Free Spins. For 20 Free Spins, win 20 spins and land 2 wins consecutively. For 50 Free Spins, win 40 spins and land 3 wins consecutively. For 100 Free Spins, win 100 spins and achieve 4 spins consecutively.

On Thursday, winners always dare to do more and challenge the status quo. Win 30 spins and 4 spins in a row plus 80 times your bet. You'll get a EUR 100 reward if you complete the mission within 45 spins. You'll receive 50 Free Spins, if you finish the mission within 60 spins. You'll get 10 Free Spins if you achieve the mission within 80 spins.

On Friday, your aim is to win 30 spins and 30x your bet within 45 spins to receive 50 Free Spins. Win within at most 60 spins and receive 30 Free Spins. And win within 70 spins to receive 10 Free Spins.

On every Saturday, the top 15 players with the top bet multiplier will sit down at the table. The players with the best win based on their bet on one spin will land between 20 Free Spins and EUR 300. Sunday is chill out day. You have 3 missions available including prizes of between 20, 50, and 100 Free Spins. After the 30th spin, you can reset your spins.


It's always a thrilling time at Count Monte Cryptos Casino. You can now enjoy the first season of the Monte Cryptos treasure hunt. Land unrivalled wins while enjoying some of the best online casino slots games available!

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